Professional Course for Intermediary Certificate ( L2)

The next course will commence in May 2016 with an additional 7 days on Saturdays and Sundays through June, July & August for completing the examination on 1st October 2016. 

This is an 8 day practical course for those with the initial (L1) certificate and / or walling experience.

It requires a more advanced level of walling than that required at the initial and is designed for those wanting to follow a professional career in walling. Specifically the Intermediate L2 Training prepares candidates to strip down and re-build a section of dry stone wall to the required standard including a cheek end.

The course runs over several weeks and is designed to provide a mixture of tuition and practical experience to allow participants to take the DSWA / LANTRA Intermediate Certificate (L2) qualification.  Participants will be expected to do some out of course practice in addition to the course time.

The cost of this training course is £300 per person. This does not include the examination fee of £150 payable to DSWA UK

For more information contact Mick on 07876 231699 / 01142 465036 or email us using the contact page