Our services include

A range of training courses from a 2 day introduction course to progressive Training and LANTRA Examination qualifications, to encourage professional wallers.

Mini walling courses for Childrens groups (Cubs, Scouts, etc) to produce 1:24 scale models of dry stone walls using kits (provided).

Support for Community Groups, Youth Groups and Charitable groups within Yorkshire and Derbyshire, who may have or be thinking about a dry stone walling project. This support includes

  • Guidance and Assistance in plannind the project. 
  • Experienced Walling Resources to supplement Volunteer Projects and Community Projects where experience doesn’t exist within community
  • Support for potential professional wallers through contacts with local businesses, support groups and DSWA job opportunities

We can provide all the tools and equipment needed for Dry Stone Walling either through or Products page or as part of the project

For further information contact us on 07876 231699 or via the contacts page